FUNBOX™ destinations are significant entertainment developments drawing over 1.2 million visitors annually and generating over $50 million in annual revenue.  A FUNBOX™ destination can function well both as a standalone development, or as the primary component of a mixed-use development. The inclusion of a FUNBOX™ destination in a mixed-use development adds substantial value to the other components within the development and will significantly increase overall land values.   With all of the entertainment offerings and special events taking place at FUNBOX™,  a FUNBOX™ destination is sure to become the social center of a city.

Funbox Holdings, LLC grants exclusive licenses to qualified developers for the development and operation of a FUNBOX™ destination.   Developers must have a suitable site for the 28,000m2 facility located within an acceptable distance from the city center,  be zoned for leisure/entertainment/tourism/cultural use, have previous development experience,  and have the financial resources required to develop and operate the development to international standards.  A complete design and development package is provided to successful licensees.


FunBox Holdings, LLC receives a license fee and an annual licensing royalty based on a percentage of the project’s revenues once the destination is open to the public.


To ensure the park is operated profitably, and to the required international standard, the management and operation of each location  is undertaken by a professional management company with extensive experience in  successful international theme park and attractions operations.

Interested developers may contact Funbox Holdings Licensing Manager for additional details.

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