The FUNBOX™ brand of family entertainment destinations are all about fun and imagination.  The concept for the parks is based on the children's storybook "Princess Starla & The Imaginables", published by Funbox Holdings, LLC.  "Princess Starla & The Imaginables" is a story about the power and importance of imagination.  It chronicles the life of a young Princess and how her imagination transformed her kingdom from a gray and dreary state to a colorful and flourishing kingdom.  Through Princess Starla and her imaginary friends the “Imaginables”,  readers learn that almost anything is possible when you combine imagination with hard work and determination.


FunBox Holdings, LLC is now licensing this exciting intellectual property for the development and operation of the FUNBOX™  brand of world-class, indoor family entertainment destinations.  The large indoor entertainment developments will feature an incredibly imaginative and unique environment based on proprietary designs and characters, over 26 rides and entertainment attractions designed specifically for kids from 3 to 12 years old, their parents and grandparents, and specially themed restaurants.   FUNBOX™ will also offer numerous  fun and interactive educational programs as well as year-round cultural events.  All  FUNBOX™ offerings are designed to entertain families, promote family values and expand a child’s imagination.

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