FunBox Holdings, LLC is a Los Angeles based holding company that owns and licenses the FUNBOX™ Intellectual Property which includes the storybook “Princess Starla & the Imaginables” and the FUNBOX™ family entertainment destinations.  As Licensor, FunBox Holdings, LLC enters into licensing agreements with local developers for the development, construction and operation of its FUNBOX™  family entertainment destinations. The  intellectual  property also includes related theme designs, characters, songs, television shows and other properties. Funbox Holdings, LLC will continue to create additional intellectual property for use in FUNBOX™ destinations, as well as oversee the expansion and protection of the IP throughout the world.

Chairman & CEO

Funbox Holdings, LLC was established by its Chairman and entertainment industry veteran Mark A. Driscoll. Mr. Driscoll began his career with the Walt Disney Company and served as an entertainment executive in Hollywood for many years until establishing his own firm Leisure Quest International in 1996. Leisure Quest International was the first theme park and attractions firm to establish offices in Dubai and China where the Company is responsible for many high profile developments. Mr. Driscoll is recognized as a leading theme park and attractions professional and has been responsible for the entry of major US entertainment, sports and media brands into China.

Mark A. Driscoll

Management Team

Troy Lindquist

Vice President, Branding

Mr. Lindquist is responsible for FUNBOX™ branding strategies.  Mr. Linquist is well versed in all facets of the sales spectrum, including strategic planning, brand architecture, brand building and the development of creative platforms and communication strategies. Mr. Lindquist served for many years at The Walt Disney Company where he managed the pre-opening, grand opening, and post opening of Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland Paris as well as Disneyland's major events and celebrations.

Steve Lee

Vice President, Finance

Mr. Lee is a leading expert in the financial management and operation of theme parks and attractions.   Mr. Lee provides oversight to Licensees in the areas of Asset Management, Budgeting, Ticketing, Cash Control, Accounting, and Warehousing. Mr. Lee served as  Vice President, Operational Management for Ferrari World Theme Park in Abu Dhabi, where he was responsible for the initial set up and implementation of all financial and operational policies and procedures.

Heather Bernardi

Licensing Manager

Ms. Bernardi is responsible for managing the licensing of the "Princess Starla & The Imaginables" intellectual property, including the FUNBOX™ brand of family entertainment destinations. Ms. Bernardi works closely with Licensees and licensed manufacturers to ensure all FUNBOX™ products and merchandise are produced to the highest international standard.

Michael Xue

Country Manager-China

Mr. Xue is responsible for FUNBOX™ developments throughout China. From initial contact through implementation, opening and beyond, Mr. Xue ensures FUNBOX™ partners receive the support and guidance necessary to ensure a profitable and sustainable development.

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